Massacre Grounds

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During our outing to Saguaro Lake, Ed and Penny told us about a couple of hikes in and around the Superstition Mountains. One that they mentioned was Massacre Grounds so on Wednesday we headed out to find the trail.

The story of the name is that a party of Apache’s cornered a group of Mexican gold miners against a sheer rock face in 1848 and “massacred” them. Later a Dutchman by the name of Walz claimed to have found the Mexican’s mine but never revealed the location and took the secret to the grave. The trail-head is in Lost Dutchman State Park.

The parking lot was easy enough to find – the trail itself was not. No maps, no trail markers. We consulted an older gentleman as he returned to his car. He pointed us to the other side of the parking area claiming there was a map and that the trail started there. He was right about the trail starting there but we never sure if we were on the right track because the few people we met weren’t sure either. After a couple of miles we strayed off the poorly marked trail but were saved by a couple of hikers coming down. They pointed us in the right direction. We continued until we came to what we thought was the end of the trail. Even then we weren’t exactly confident that we had reached the massacre site. The guide that Sigrun consulted said that we could expect a waterfall but if that trickle was it then my shower is Niagara Falls. We took a few photos and headed back down the hill. It was an excellent, six-mile hike with great scenery and a few challenges.

Massacre rock and the “waterfall” on far left.

Massacre rock face now on the right.

Praying hands rocks in the background.

Desert scene along the trail.

A new adventure tomorrow. Only a few days left.


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