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On Thursday we decided to do something different. Instead of hiking we drove to Scottsdale and rented bikes. Sigrun learned, on the internet, about a bike route called Indian Bend Wash, that runs the length of Scottsdale, north/south for 11 miles. This isn’t a bike “path”, it’s a bicycle freeway in places. The wash is a shallow valley filled with ponds, golf courses, and green spaces bordered by houses and condos. In the central section it runs on both sides of a major artery (Hayden Road) with tunnels underneath the crossroads. This created a problem at one intersection because there were 2 tunnels and I chose the wrong one. It crossed beneath Hayden and U-turned us so that we now going in the opposite direction on the other side of the road. I didn’t notice. Thankfully Sigrun did and we retraced our route and found the right tunnel. I felt stupid.

It was a very enjoyable ride, even though we paid too much for the bike rental. Wally and Laura were waiting for us at the store when we returned the bikes and they drove us into Old Scottsdale. It is only a couple of blocks from the hospital where Sigrun spent three weeks last year, so I had been into Old Scottsdale but the others had not.┬áIt’s a quaint, arsty-fartsy place that looks like an old western town but only has one saloon and at least a hundred jewelry/art/souvenir stores. There is nothing wrong with that if you’re so inclined and have the disposable income. We did not.

Adobe Mission in Old Scottsdale.

After wandering and browsing for a while we went to dinner at Los Olivos, a rustic cantina on the edge of Old Scottsdale. While visiting Sigrun in hospital, a nurse had recommended it and I bought take-out there a couple of times to give Sigrun a break from the hospital food (which was quite good in comparison to our hospital fare). It’s a funky place with excellent food and reasonable prices. More hiking tomorrow.


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