Siphon Draw/Basin

January 19, 2017 by
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With only three days left and more rain moving in on the weekend, we got ambitious on Friday, planning two hikes. The first one started back in Lost Dutchman Park and penetrated the lower reaches of the Superstition Mountains not far from the Massacre Grounds trail. It’s mostly uphill from the parking lot on a well-marked route for a change. It turned out to be one of the more challenging hikes we’d done but the pay-off if a narrow valley carved out of solid rock by eons of rushing water into the shape of a bowl.

The Superstition Mountains near the beginning of the trail.

The view on the way up.

Looking up toward Siphon Draw.

The basin.

Looking back into the valley from the basin.

It is a wonderful, scenic  5 mile hike.

Back at the parking lot we decided that we had enough time to do the Hieroglyphic Trail so we drove 30 minutes to the south edge of the Superstition Mountains. (To be continued in the next post.)




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