Hieroglyphic Trail

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It was a convoluted drive to the trail-head. Thank goodness for road signs after leaving Hwy 60. We started up the trail marked Hieroglyphic Trail (Petroglyphs). I remarked that it didn’t make sense that it was called “Hieroglyphic” since they were native petroglyphs. I thought hieroglyphs were language or written words and native Americans didn’t have a written language. I like to criticize, I guess. I didn’t actually see Sigrun roll her eyes.

The trail was a fairly easy 1.5 miles to the small canyon and a jumble of rocks, their faces covered in in etched drawings. A small creek trickled over a rock face and pooled briefly before disappearing in the direction we had come. The moment I saw the the group of petroglyphs, I understood why an early explored might have mistaken them for hieroglyphs. The symbols seemed to be in grid, like a story carved into an Egyptian obelisk or tomb. The effect of the entire site is quite remarkable. I would like to say that everyone was in awe of the ancient communications of a long gone culture but that would be a lie. Kids, adults and dogs scampered up and down the pyramid of rocks above the little pool. Some younger guys played catch with a water bottle across the creek and a young mother and her baby lolled on a rock watching her partner pull cactus needles out of their golden retriever’s paw. Then he tried to pull the frightened dog off a ledge. I was sure either he or the dog or both were going to crash onto the rocks below. It was a ridiculous scene but couldn’t completely suppress the aura of the site, if you were observant.


Pool at the base of the petroglyphs.



It’s a fascinating place and a nice, easy walk. As it turned out, it was our last hike of the holiday. On our way back to the car the sun began to set on the day and our adventures.


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