BIO – Ron Young

 Ron Young was born in Smithers, BC and has lived in British Columbia his entire life. He has lived in Langley, a suburb of Vancouver, since 1987.

 Lacking the intestinal fortitude, and the financial werewithal, to write full-time, Ron runs a small business at home and writes when not working, curling, or playing tennis.

 An avid reader at early age, his writing was limited to school projects, resume’s, business letters, and family Christmas newsletters until a Creative Writing class in the fall of 2006 led to the Rainwriters, a small critique group made up of serious writers, based in Surrey.

 Joining a writers group required a simple commitment – WRITE. In addition to short stories and blogging, he continues to work on his first novel, currently titled – OF STALWART PEASANTS. It is a fictional account of a family’s decision to leave Hungary in 1905 and is based on the emigration of his Grandmother, her brothers and sisters, and their parents, Josef and Julia Lukacs, to Canada.