Thanks for the visit. You won’t find any pure fiction here, if there is such a thing. I find human beings, and the human experience, more interesting than anything I could possibly dream up. We are absurd and noble, good and evil, highly intelligent and incredibly stupid. So what I write is either true (as I remember or relate it) or based on actual events. The exception would be A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE IN WALNUT GROVE. The people and the deteriorating courts are real but we’re still waiting for a miracle.

I know that some people will read OF STALWART PEASANTS and say that it isn’t the true story of my Hungarian ancestors because I have included conversations and thoughts and characters that I can’t know. For this reason, I present my account as a fictionalized version of actual events. I have taken the basic facts and added research and imagination to create a more complete picture of their journey from poverty in Hungary to relative prosperity in Saskatchewan. The website backs up the essence of the narrative with photos, documents, and reference material (see Background and Research). Take a look at my grandmother’s birth record, the actual ship’s manifest, photos of the original homestead, and more. I have also included the first three chapters, as they currently exist.

The novel is still a work-in-progress so I would welcome comments, feedback, and corrections from you. Send me an e-mail with your own family tree, if you are related to the Lukacs’s (Lucas), Kiss’ (Kish), Mate’s (Mate’), and we’ll determine how we’re related to each other.

Thanks, and enjoy.

R.D. (Ron) Young