Background & Research

Here are links, photos, maps, etc. that might be of interest to readers of the to-be-published-someday novel OF STAWART PEASANTS. The information is listed by the chapter to which they relate, whenever possible.

Prologue: A brochure produced by the government of Canada (Alistair MacArthur in the prologue).

Chapter 1: The birth record of my grandmother, Rozsa Lukacs, on May 16, 1888. She is second from the bottom. (click on image to enlarge)

See photo taken at the village of Potrete’, Hungary:

Chapter 4: Follow link for more information on the S.S. Kroonland, the vessel that transported Lajos Kiss to New York in 1904.

An image of the actual ship’s manifest listing Vineze Vargas and Lajos Kis will be posted soon.