Tombstone and Bisbee

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We found better accommodation in Tombstone and went into town to for dinner at the Longhorn Restaurant. By that time most of the main street was shut down. The next day we visited Boothill Cemetery. I didn’t take any photos of it or main-street Tombstone mainly because they are so well known in books, movies and folklore.

Wandering a cemetery feels a bit ghoulish (although busloads of kids seemed to be having too much fun in there) but is very interesting. It makes you think about how short life was back then and the various ways a person could die, particularly between 1880 and 1882. Read more

Saguaro National Park

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After enduring the Flamingo Motel, we tried to find Old Tucson, in the downtown area, with very little success. The only building we could identify as part of the historic district, El Presidio San Augustin del Tucson, was closed for renovations. Apparently “Old Tucson” is a movie set/theme park somewhere outside of town. We left Tucson, unimpressed with the place, and headed east to Saguaro National Park. Read more

Biosphere2 and Sabino Canyon

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I’m not going to use this forum to give a minute-by-minute travelogue of our trip to Arizona. The idea is to share some of the photos (such as they are) and a few notes.

After picking up the car on Saturday we drove toward Tucson and stayed in a place called Catalina, on the Oracle Highway, north of Tucson. The next morning we visited Biosphere 2, a research facility run by the University of Arizona. Read more


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So, I put on a new shirt and nice kicks and we go to the park. It’s a sunny fall day. I’m feeling good. I wish I could walk ’cause it would be a great day to strut my stuff. A photographer shows up and starts taking pictures. Mom and Dad stand me up by this big tree. I smile for her. I know I look good.

 “Hey lady, make some extra copies. The chicks will love this.”

One hand. It’s macho and sensitive at the same time.

Oh, oh. Shouldn’t have done that. Can’t control my legs.

Oh, poop. Hey, stop laughing and help.

Cut! Cut! Get that camera out of my face, lady. This is bad for my look. 

Bagging the remains

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I walk in my neighbourhood. It’s a pleasant and healthy pastime except for the stress caused by irresponsible dog-owners. They go to the trouble of bagging their pooch’s poop but throw the plastic-entombed crap alongside the trails. Why? Why not just leave it? At least it would decompose. So this bad verse is for you, bad dog-walkers.


The day you hear the final bell,

I pray you won’t wake up in hell,

As a yappy Pekinese,

plagued by starving fleas,

A pink bow adorning your crest,

and wearing a very prissy vest.

But with legs and pillows to hump,

you’re not unhappy with the dump.

Until one day on a grass strip you crap,

unleashed and free in a devilish trap.

Between a freeway and a forest where prowl,

red-eyed coyotes. Stomachs a-growl.

Later, when Satan bags your undead remains,

knotted in white plastic with crimson stains,

Pray he doesn’t toss it in a tree,

where you’ll dangle for eternity.


With apologies to law-abiding dog owners and real poets.


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